New York City has long been celebrated as a melting pot of rich cultures, and it is with people like Liana Weston who keep the mix fresh. Drawing upon her Mexican grandmother’s artistic flair and worldly style, Liana shakes up the sartorial scene at Into The Gloss’s Glossier, where she is the Talent and Bookings Manager. Liana’s grandmother, fondly called Tika, would undoubtedly have been proud of her granddaughter, as she herself was an ardent follower of fashion—much influenced by her travels and the people she met along the way. “My grandmother’s style was always refined,” Liana reminisces fondly, and yet the way in which Liana incorporates Tika’s heirlooms into her own wardrobe always telegraphs 21th century cool.

liana-jeremy-allen3liana-jeremy-allen-9 liana-jeremy-allen2 liana-jeremy-allen4 liana-jeremy-allen10Photo: Jeremy Allen