What are InSepia Flash Fashion Cards?

Ever wonder why a cardigan is called a cardigan, or what the first pants women wore were like, or which country celebrates the neck tie with a national holiday?

InSepia Flash Fashion Cards make it easy to brush up on your style history knowledge.

"A covetable collection that gives back, with 10% of proceeds benefitting museum fashion preservation and exhibitions." - InStyle
"flash cards that explain the origins of key terms like gigot sleeve and bikini" - The New York Times
"This may be the most perfect gift for the fashion lovers in your peer group that we’ve seen all season"
- Style caster
"#1 Gift for a Style Savant"
- Daily Beast
"Must-Have for those fashion obsessed impossible-to-shop-fors"
- Teen Vogue

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InSepia Flash Fashion Cards

50 Terms, Hand Illustrated and Professionally printed on premium playing cards

InSepia Flash Fashion Cards deck

10% of the proceeds goes to museum fashion preservation and exhibition

InSepia Flash Fashion Cards covers

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