Katherine Bernard is the last person to term herself a tastemaker, but the tag can’t help but stick. The freelance fashion writer—whose clients include Vogue, the Wall Street Journal, Dazed and Confused, and The Paris Review Daily—files from her bright Bushwick loft when not bounding from one boîte to another in Paris or Milan. This is all, of course, when she’s not heading up her own literary website, Henry.

katherine-jeremy-allen-2 katherine-jeremy-allen-3 katherine-jeremy-allen-4 katherine-jeremy-allen-5  Figuratively, it’s a long way from where her great grandmother, Anna Fuchs, grew up, even though it was just a stone’s throw across the East River on the Lower East Side. Long before hipsters thronged Hester Street, one can imagine that Fuchs and her nine siblings dreamed of a life beyond their cramped tenement.katherine-jeremy-allen-6“She went from fairly modest beginnings to a very cool and exciting life,” Bernard explains, flicking to a photo on her iPhone of her great-grandmother standing with her husband in front of their house in Mt Vernon, draped in a fur coat circa 1930, her hair set with Joan Crawford-esque precision. Style savvy inherited, no doubt.katherine-jeremy-allen

Photo: Jeremy Allen