“I always knew I wanted to do something creative,” globe-trotting stylist Molly Kennedy explains. “I just fell into styling and I loved it. But I’ve always been open to a lot of careers. I never had just one in mind.” Kennedy, who studied art history, has had prominent gigs at Vogue and Victoria’s Secret PINK, among others, pulling inspiration from her childhood home steeped in a reverence for the past (her father is the head of the Historian Association in Nantucket). “I’m a romantic. I love old things. I think it was my dad’s influence,” Molly muses. But with her new opportunities at and dELiA*s, Molly’s eye is definitely attuned to the future. That penchant for nostalgia is just the jumping-off point.

molly-jeremy-allen11 “This locket was my great grandfather, Robert Joseph Kennedy’s. I have a beautiful trunk with his name on it that he had when he came to America.”molly-jeremy-allen3 molly-jeremy-allen4 molly-jeremy-allen5molly-jeremy-allen10 molly-jeremy-allen6 molly-jeremy-allen7 molly-jeremy-allen9Photo: Jeremy Allen